Psychotherapy in English

Do you need support in your relationship with your partner?

Do you feel like you’re stuck in certain patterns of behavior and need help finding your way back to each other?

Couples therapy can be the key to resolving your issues, gaining a better understanding of each other, and building a lasting, satisfying relationship.


How does a couple therapy session look like?

Couple therapy sessions provide a safe and supportive space where you can work on your relationship with the assistance of an experienced therapist. It’s an opportunity for honest conversations, expressing your needs and feelings, and acquiring tools to build a healthier and more satisfying relationship.

Why is it worth considering couple therapy sessions?

    • Improving communication: Therapy helps enhance communication skills, enabling you to better understand each other.

    • Conflict resolution: Therapy sessions aid in effectively resolving conflicts and disputes, avoiding stagnation, and improving the understanding of each other’s needs.

    • Understanding yourself and your partner: Therapy allows for a better understanding of each other and identifying behavior and thought patterns that impact your relationship.

    • Tools for building a healthier relationship: Through therapeutic sessions, you receive tools to help you build a more satisfying and lasting relationship.

    • Coping with crisis: If you’ve experienced a crisis in your relationship, such as infidelity, pregnancy or child loss, or prolonged unsuccessful attempts to have a child, therapy can help you overcome the crisis and rebuild trust.

Meetings usually take place once every two weeks, either in person in Wrocław or Oława. It’s also possible to have online therapy sessions using Google Meets or WhatsApp. I conduct couple therapy in both Polish and English.

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